Steam bath, dry or wet (steam), is thought the easiest way to purify the body from toxines. With steam bath, skin pores are opened, millions of sweat glands start to excrete and the body throw out metabolic materials and other wastes. 30% of body waste is removed from the body with sweating. As body temperature increases, the body sweats as a natural reaction. So, shower is recommended after sauna session. Steam bath revives both body and soul. You can compeletely be relax in steam bath room. You can live the most amusing bath experience. Heatness and moist make massage your body and accalerate blood stream and relieves your muscles. Also, moist penetrates from pores to depths of skin, purifies the skin, becomes the skin soft and smooth. After the bath, you can be eager and energetic for a long time.Steam provides relaxation for upper respiratory infections and congestions. It heals throat scratchiness through moisturizing and eases spasmodic breathening (asthma, pertussis). Steam stimulates mucus secretion from throat and lung deallocating secretion. It relaxs muscles and decrease cough. It protect mucus pellicles from drying.